Who Loves Science?? I Do!

Ah, Science! I just… I just… GO CRAZY THINKING ABOUT IT! It is the quintessential basis of human knowledge and the frontier of advancement for our species. It is the very reason why many of the things that we thought were impossible are now a reality, like landing on the moon! I love science because it’s not always about taxonomy, biology, and understanding the laws within nuclear fission. It’s not always about being the most intelligent person you can be because it means so much more than that. Science derives from the root word¬†Scientia which means “to know”. To know what you say? Anything you could possibly want to know that is quantifiably reasonable! There is a beauty in simply being able to understand things and that in itself is powerful. Science reaches beyond the threshold of what is imaginable because ultimately it is the discovery of ourselves as human beings. Uncovering the complexities of the natural world and nature of the inner self while preserving our existence is what science does for us truly. Now that being said there are applied purposes that science has on our environment and the world that surrounds us, but think about this for a second. Humans essentially conduct science and discovered its laws right? So at what point is science not an extension of human dimensions? Sit on that one for a second because it had me thinking for quite some time.

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Pondering Green Anole I photographed: Tyus Williams

I love science personally because I study wildlife and devoting my time and mind to understanding nature and the radiating life force from this planet has taught me many things about life and myself. My significance is realistic and utilizing my knowledge of science has kept things in perspective for me. It is hard for me to have an ego when I think about how large the solar system is and the fact that the universe is constantly expanding with infinite galaxies at hand. When I think about quarrels and issues that are amidst the human society it is irrelevant compared to how massive everything is around us. Now don’t get me wrong I am certainly an advocate for certain issues (go wildlife conservation!) and stand up for what is right. But the take away from that is I don’t let certain things bother me because it just has no value in the time that I have on this planet which is very short in a pragmatic sense.

Moreover, I also just love knowledge and facts! That is honestly the best part and it is so engaging that I am always ecstatic to learn something new about this amazing planet. Learning about animals and being able to understand their evolutionary history, behavior, and role in environments really hits home for me because I am enamored seeing all these creatures for what they truly are. I marvel at the idea that there are animals which roam amongst us that come in such peculiar forms and I can observe them (hopefully with no danger at hand) and think to myself “hey I see you and know exactly what you are. You’re not forgotten and I care about your history and existence in this world”. That absolutely blows my mind! We hear so many questions in the science community such as; ¬†where did they come from?! How did they get here?! Why does their history precede hominids so drastically?! Well, we can figure all this out through SCIENCE! Truly, in my opinion, it is the greatest field and methodology that could have ever risen.

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Gulf Fritillary that I photographed: Tyus Williams

I hope that through this blog as I share my immense love and passion for science and wildlife that you too may come to have an appreciation of our natural world. I will be touching upon varying topics and ideas that persist in our society some being sensitive as well as scientific events. Science is an amazing thing and it isn’t something that should be constrained and inhibited by those that do not seem to understand it. It should always be allowed to grow and expand for those who are curious to explore its vastness. Science is for everyone regardless of how many may feel it is a daunting subject and hard to understand. It’s like another other subject or concept in the world the more you practice it and take the time learn more you will grasp a better understanding. It’s important to do because it benefits us all since the beginning of it relevancy it has always had a place in the human realm. Through proper communication and advocacy, we can educate society and future generations on the importance of understanding our natural world and how it works. The comprehension of our planet’s nature is integral for the preservation of natural resources, wildlife, and human society because the greater good of mankind depends on it.

And as always,

-Stay Curious!