Hi, my name is Tyus Williams and this the TheBrainTwitch! This is a representation of all that I am and everything that I care about deeply in this world. My passions, thoughts, frustrations, and appreciations will all be conveyed through this platform in the best way possible. My passion for science, the essence of my spirit that really gives me the character that I hold at this very moment has been a part of me longer than I can imagine. I have always been intrigued by all things biological and animal related in this world that we live in. I’m amazed by the astounding array of wildlife and diversity that this planet holds and the spectacular yet bizarre abilities that many animals in the kingdom have. The nature of it all is alluring and enchanting to me ever since I was a young kid leading me to constantly chase my dreams.

I’m now currently a wildlife biology student in college at the University of Georgia where I have pursued my passion for my career (surprised?) and lifestyle because it means everything to me. I hope to contribute to conservation research and advocacy efforts for big cats such as lions and tigers because they are integral to the natural environment and the ecosystems they reside in. Aside from conservation efforts, I aim to work in the media realm for wildlife such as NatGeo, Discovery,¬†and Animal Planet so that I can portray a better image for scientists around the world. Generally, when people ask what my goals are I tell them that I am trying to be the next Bill Nye the Science Guy in the world, and who knows maybe I have a good shot!


-Stay Curious!